Why Exhibit?

The EME Event is a classy, friendly, dynamic marketing event filled with opportunity

  • Meet with pre-qualified TOP PRODUCERS and MANAGERS in the privacy of your own living room suite for 20 minute sessions.
  • Spend 3 days at a first-class resort, including all meals ON PROPERTY for more time to network and build relationships.  The meal functions are the perfect setting to continue building relationships after your 20 minute meeting or to start building new relationships even before your scheduled meeting.  This is the perfect setting to optimize your investment and maximize your ROI.
  • Receive a DISTRIBUTOR PROFILE on each attendee weeks prior to the event so you not only know who you are meeting with, but with detailed information so you can properly prepare prior to the event.
  • Every supplier has an equal investment in each event.  This is why EMEEvents strictly adheres to the 20 minute meeting with processes and procedures in place to insure all attendees stay on time.  Why is this critical?  Because if one supplier runs a 25 minute meeting the supplier next door will only get 15 minutes.
  • Make 45-50 National Sales Calls in 3 days.

Meet Highly Qualified

Forge Personal Relationships

Maximum Productivity

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