Case Studies

Attending one EME Meeting event can make an IMPACT! Below you will find case
studies of various attendees who made a difference for their business
by simply attending, interacting, and participating in an EME Meeting event.


Case Study #1

A supplier has a 20 minute meeting with two top managers from a major distributorship in the southeast. Routine follow up is done but not much happening with this account. Almost ONE YEAR LATER, the supplier receives a phone call from a sales person from this distributorship, who begins the conversation by stating " My managers you met last year at the EME Tampa Event told me to call you". Six weeks later a $50,000 purchase order was received by this supplier...

all from ONE 20 MINUTE MEETING that took place one year ago!

Case Study #2

The Vice President of a major distributorship attends an EME Event. His experience introduces him to new suppliers while also building stronger relationships with current business partners. THE FOLLOWING YEAR, this Vice President is brought a very unique situation from one of his sales people. It is an order for 1 million pieces with many various requirements/restrictions that had to be met to obtain this order. Rather than lose the order, the Vice President realizes he met ONE SUPPLIER at EME Events the previous year that would meet all of his clients requirements. He had vaguely known of this supplier prior to his EME Meeting and if it hadn't been for EME Events, this supplier would have been off his radar. He reached out to this supplier, and together they made a $1 MILLION DOLLAR ORDER happen!

Case Study #3

A supplier attended an EME Top Producer event. This event focused on sales people coming to discuss specific clients/projects. Meetings ended on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning the supplier received a phone call from a distributor they just met for the first time at this EME Event. The distributor just received an urgent email from a top customer looking for a specific item, which he had just seen from this EME Supplier and contacted them immediately. The supplier sent the sample overnight for Friday arrival. Within days, the supplier received a $20,000 order from the distributor.

Case Study #4

A Distributor manages a nationwide company store website for a top client. During their 20 minute private meeting at an EME Event, an EME Supplier educated the distributor on how to incorporate their product line into this website. Though a product the distributor would not have typically considered for a website store, the EME Supplier was given the opportunity to add their products. Once the products were selected, the distributor was provided images of these products to place on the website. During the first six months of this program, the EME Supplier received purchase orders totaling $30,000...all from 2 pdf images! Years later, the program is still in place.

Case Study #5

While participating an EME Event, a distributor received an email needing 80,000 pieces of a product in a certain color within a week. During the meetings and networking meals, the distributor asks participating suppliers if anyone has stock of 80,000 pieces of a certain color (color is more important than product). An EME Supplier did have a product that met the color and quantity requirements. Within 24 hours, this 80,000 piece order was in production.

Case Study #6

An EME Supplier met the national sales manager for a distributor company in 2008. Great meeting, some quoting but no orders are generated from this meeting. The same manager returned in 2010. Where the first meeting in 2008 focused on the introduction of the supplier company, the second meeting focused on why no business has generated and what can be improved. In the fourth quarter of 2011, the EME Supplier received a phone call from a sales person from this distributor company, stating this manager who the supplier has now met with twice told her to call. This call resulted in orders totaling $42,000 within a few weeks!

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